Our biggest dumpsters are designed for those who are taking on the biggest projects and have an enormous amount of waste to dispose of. Whether you’re doing a multi-unit renovation, a new construction project, or smaller-to-medium scale demolitions, this dumpster can handle what you throw at it. All of our 30 yard dumpsters come equipped with built-in quality of life features to make your waste disposal process as smooth as possible. These features that are included are:

  • Short-sided walls
  • Side-mounted metal stepping platforms
  • Convenient rear hatch

These dumpsters are 22’ long, 8’ wide, and 5’ tall. The 30 cubic yards of space can hold upwards of 170 contractor-grade trash bags and are perfect for storing big, bulky items that are normally difficult to throw away.


Heavy-duty commercial or professional projects are usually best for the 30 yard dumpster. Some of the most frequently used scenarios are:

Complete home remodels. Sometimes remodeling one or two rooms doesn’t cut it, you need to go big. Tearing apart the kitchen, living room, bathrooms, and bedrooms can leave you with a large heap of waste. Having a way to dispose of all that waste will allow you to get going on incorporating all of your new stuff!

Commercial and residential construction sites. You inevitably end up with waste both during and after completing extensive construction projects. Oftentimes you will end up with much more than anticipated, which can cause problems if not properly addressed. This waste needs to be removed so people can more easily access the job site and get your project back on track.

Large-scale junk removal. This is particularly useful for commercial businesses and properties that generate a lot of excess waste. You can easily get rid of electronics, furniture, appliances, and much more in one simple step.


For our 30 yard dumpsters, we encourage you to place them directly where your project is being worked on. These often can be too big for a standard street, so placing them out of the way is recommended. You will need to find a stable ground that can support a significant amount of weight as well, and preferably on a surface that doesn’t damage easily, such as concrete or dirt.

Our trained staff members will gladly assist you either on-site, over the phone, or by email, to help you determine which locations will be best for your dumpster(s). Call us at +1 (678)-664-8787 or contact us online to speak with one of our skilled team members.


Pretty much everything! Our 30 yard dumpsters are specially designed and constructed to reliably carry almost any kind of standard waste or debris that you can think of. Here are several of the most frequent types of scenarios in which waste is accumulated in these dumpsters:

  • Demolition debris
  • Heavy-duty appliances and furniture
  • Large scrap pieces and machinery
  • Complete property cleanouts
  • New construction projects

30 yard dumpsters are also great for disposing of mass quantities of smaller items, not just what has been listed here. Keep in mind that weight can add up quickly, especially in larger dumpsters when you may lose track of how much waste you have thrown in.


Select items and materials can cause problems for you and our personnel alike. We strive to keep this list as small as possible, but sadly there are still some things we are unable to accept. These include:

  • Food Waste (Acceptable depending on prior arrangement, however)
  • All batteries
  • Any type of tires
  • Refrigeration materials
  • Any other hazardous materials

Have any questions? We are glad to discuss any questions or concerns in detail. Our crew of highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals is ready to assist you. Complete our contact form or call us at +1 (678)-664-8787 to get started.


We don’t recommend filling 30 yard dumpsters with heavy materials as they can become significantly harder to move. For this reason, we suggest you avoid filling them with dirt, concrete, and brick, unlike our 10 and 20 yard dumpsters. Big and bulky items are best to be placed in these containers.

We understand that this may be inconvenient for you, and we apologize that we must have these special restrictions for this type of dumpster. If you would like to discuss the restrictions further, or if you have any additional questions about renting a dumpster in Atlanta, feel free to call us at +1 (678)-664-8787 where one of our staff members can assist you.


Give us a call at +1 (678)-664-8787 or fill out the contact form below. One of our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.

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